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With the help and support of a lot of creators and creatives we managed to release volume 2. The Vignette28 PhotoBook Vol 2 – now available as free pdf (download, ca 100mb). Thank you to everyone who was part of this undertaking and who supported the release.

Cover of the printed version. Cover art by Jan Závěšický @icono.cybernetica

Here’s some stats:

  • We have some 40 creators, who entered up to three of their works.
  • Volume 2 has over 100 pages of awesome Vignette28s.

Once again that has been a challenging project and I’m happy that – despite a lot happening in 2022 – I can finally call it done. The Kickstarter rewards have mostly arrived, all backers had early access to the pdf. Now it’s time for you to enjoy this great collection of Vignette28 artworks from creators and creatives from all over the world.

The Kickstarter included two versions (the now available print and a deluxe edition).
The high quality print (left) and the deluxe edition (right).
One of the amazing entries by Frederic Faulhaber @a.tale.of.grimdark
Preparing the shipment of the Kickstarter rewards.

Finally one remark on the deluxe edition: the deluxe edition was only available as a limited Kickstarter reward.

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