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During their mission inside Grundoch Hive Hanwalt’s mech was damaged by hidden explosives. That was right after his new partner said to split up.
Hanwalt was stuck and tried to contact HQ but the link was dead. Hesitantly he left the protective hull of his mech. He had to make a choice: going back or continuing the mission.

After what felt like a thousand years he started moving.
To search and to rescue.

If you are interested in seeing how I made these please check out my YouTube video (direct video link)

Behind the Scenes

In order to achieve a film noir vibe it was important to analyze what is so appealing to the vibe. It was also important to understand how to create it. So I ran several tests with different setups, different lighting settings, some with, some without real fog. The final result with the last picture I achieved by using Photoshop’s Neural Filters to create a depth map of the alley.

Here’s some test photographs.

The bright light at the end of the street overlays the miniature’s form which distracts from the focus and make it harder to understand the miniature.

international Photography Awards

Meanwhile this three photographs series won an Honorable Mention at the international Photography Awards.

Julian - Visual Storyteller