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The Weald Eyetoad Challenge 4 requested to roll on a table with two dice. The outcome was what you had to create. The second condition of the challenge was to place said outcome within the town that may or may not exist in the Weald. My dice said to create a lost and confused lady.

Part 1 – Grave-Eye Flint

Grave-eye Flint, Terror of the Blackened Copse

This time it was different. It was not a single fire like normally when the humans prepare for the night. This time it was multiple fires. And loud noises. The gnarly things were attacking something. Most likely humans. Screams were filling the dark. Grave-eye Flint, Terror of the Blackened Copse, was hesitant. But hunger drove it towards the lights. Inevitably.

Part 2 – Her Durchlaucht

Her Durchlaucht with her pet Ronald

Her Durchlaucht had a terrible night. It did not turn out at all the way she wanted to. After she had received a letter from her husband, His Durchlaucht, she had decided to join him on his little adventure in Hollar. Two wagons, a couple of guards and some servants were quickly ready for departure. A not too uncomfortable road over the mountain range. They followed some road signs. On the eleventh night the guards were making too much noise. And the maid was annoyingly crying. It did not turn out the way she wanted. Now all those unthankful guards and servants had left her alone. She stumbled through the woods. There was a town nearby. But she couldn’t figure out if she really saw it or just wished it to be there. At least she was not completely alone. During the night she found Ronald. He was without his leash. Unthinkable of what could happen to him, alone, on his own. Lucky Ronald now was led by Her Durchlaucht through the pastures, slowly approaching the town which may or may not exist.

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