Miniature Photography

– an Uncommon Perspective

Cinematic photography and fine art photography with miniatures. Julian is a photographer who loves to visually tell stories set in grim and dark worlds combining miniatures, real-world landscapes and miniature terrain.

Currently there’s four major series with the fine art photography series being WIP. While the cinematic series focuses on cinematic photography with miniatures, the diary series is representing a fictional diary of an infantry man in a dystopian future. The unsellable series was testing the combination of AI generated backgrounds with miniature photography.

References/ Publications

Article “A Darker Lens” in 28 magazine Vol. 4, pages 76..79

Exhibition “Art in Miniature” at the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, July 15th – Oct 28th 2023

2021, J. Wild et al., Vignette28 PhotoBook Vol. 1, pages 1 and 50/51,
2022, J. Wild et al., Vignette28 PhotoBook Vol. 2, pages 106/107 and 134

Julian is an International Photography Awards (IPA 2016 and 2019) category winner with multiple honorable mentions in both IPA and Monochrome Awards (MonoAwards).

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