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Here’s some high level miniature photography insights. I always shoot in RAW format. Even with LightRoom mobile you can do that on your smartphone. RAW files contain all data the camera sensor captures. Per default your smartphone or most other cameras store the photos in jpg. A photo stored in jpg format is a default post processing done by the camera algorithms. That means you have lost valuable information right after shooting the photo.
In post processing I try to guide the viewer’s focus to the object of interest. In this case it’s the group and especially the Inquisitor herself. The object of interest should be the brightest area. That means I reduce the highlights and brightness of other areas, like the light reflections on the tunnel wall. And I increase the brightness of the objects of interest. Using presets and LUTs can help but only provide a general change.
In digital manipulation I try to keep it subtle yet bringing in some cinematic energy. Weather like sunshine and/ or rain help with that. Fog is another alternative, especially to show more depth of the scene.
Let me know if you want to know more. We also have a Vignette28 Discord server.

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