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The radio chatter is full of questions. Where to go, what’s inside, it’s a dead end, requesting data updates, rats, big rats, bald rats, contact, false alarm …
But when you stand at the entrance to the Inner Hive all you can see is darkness. All you can hear is water drops and the cracking noise of the radio.

Schichtwechsel. It’s EOD. Everyone rushes to escape the dark inside. Not that’s it’s not dark outside. But it’s a different kind of dark. Your spirits lift as soon as you breath the smog from the Outer Wall Section.

Cordula Druquard knew what they will be facing long before they even knew that they have to go inside. Her preparations for the Divine Machine are not done yet. That’s why she lured them inside at this wall section. The breed was stronger here. And the tunnel system was more like a labyrinth than an entrance. Still her Guard was watchful.

Julian - Visual Storyteller