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Didn‘t you know that you should never sneak up like that to a man handling a sword? Yes, Chramulf, that’s my name. No, I‘m not nervous. Why should I be? Did you talk to the crossbows before? Sounds like you have. No, no lootin‘ here. Now, go your way.


By the time it was clear to Aigulf and Chramulf that the nonsense the crossbows said was impacting the retinue. Even Grimoald seemed to be affected. For now they didn’t care much. The booze was safely hidden in the cart. And they were prepared to defend it against any Gnarl coming their way. And against anyone else. Gnarl or not.

Chramulf and Aigulf

Hey! You! Don’t you dare touching that bag!Chramulf, watch out. This guy is after the booze!

The heraldry of His Durchlaucht Vladar.

Julian - Visual Storyteller