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On the day of the Lords 292 JW 975
at a nameless hamlet
in the valley of Hollar

His Durchlaucht Vladar thinks of having an adventure. Of the deadly kind even. Not his death of course. He has Wardens to spare. He rode into the valley, people just call it the Weald, equipped with the sharpest weapons and sharpest wits. The cart packed with supplies. His mind is already filled with fame and game.This hamlet was the first settlement we saw after a fortnight crossing the mountains. We urge for a Gnarl to attack. The dreaded Gnarls. The curse of this land. Autumn and rot has claimed the pastures.
I am just a humble servant of his Durchlaucht. I’m just the messenger. I’m the storyteller.


My brother named me Eberulf by the time our mother died. I neither remember that nor the death of our father. I don’t know when that was either. For you that’s of no importance. Nor is it for me. What has become of me you soon will learn. What I will face in the coming weeks I only know from rumours. It’s a place far from home. By the time we reached the valley, the only thing his Durchlaucht Vladar said was „Welcome to the Weald.“


I am Arnulf. My trade is shooting the crossbow. That’s it. What else do you wanna know? You wanna talk? Go to Einhardt. The guy over there. Go.


Yes, I’m Einhardt. How do you know? Right, Arnulf sent you? Yeah, well, you know, Arnulf. Not much of a talker. I mean, I’m neither. To be honest, I mostly wouldn’t know what to talk about. Especially with strangers. Sure, we could talk about the weather. Or harvest. Well, maybe not within this valley. You know, because of the curse. No harvest at all. Weird place it is, indeed. Haven’t heard of it before. It was like three weeks ago when the Stuart said something like „pack you stuff, we leave for a while“. Well, with „we“ he didn’t include himself. For sure he sits next to the warm hearth while his Durchlaucht is gone. I once had the chance to sit there myself for a couple of strokes. Quite comfy. Yeah, but I couldn’t enjoy it really. I was afraid of the Stuart finding me. Arnulf didn’t believe me. Eberulf just laughed. Good mate them two fellas. Them, I trust with my life. Not like the greedy bunch of swords. They are in for the loot. You know: enemy down, pockets looted. So, what brings you here?

Julian - Visual Storyteller