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Today is Kurt’s name day. Kurt „The Vox“ Urthank is our vox man. Our connection. Our ears. Our voices. Our improv talent. Not in theatre, with tech.

The dark, rat-infested alleys of Y38 lay silent. The wind stirs newspaper leaves and old posters. The shadows are filling your view and affecting your mind. Only Squad Renstieff is within its comfort zone.

So far Squad Renstieff had the best progress in reaching the sub hab. They are inside. They follow metallic, scraping noises. A vibrating sound comes and goes. It seams they are on track.

A new alley opened up – also empty. The noises are still there. Like a call. Unhuman. Hollow. Unnatural. Metallic. It’s as if you could actually see the voice.

Julian - Visual Storyteller