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+++ MSG +++ incoming >> reached street level 3H << EOM +++

Out of the building doesn’t really feel like being outside. The visual range at least increased from a few paces up to one hundred paces. The progress is still slow, it’s like in those dreams where you run without reaching anything. Outside the buzzing is louder. No, not louder. I can’t really hear it, only feel it.

It’s one corner at a time. Cover, go, cover, go. No movement on the scanners. Where’s the other squad? Where’s the sub hab?

Everyone is freaked out, no one would dare say so. An empty city with millions of people hiding and other things crawling around. You feel movement all around you. Thoughts peeking at you. You see fear without seeing anything.

+++ MSG << incoming << re-send sub hab coordinates << waiting … >> EOM +++

Julian - Visual Storyteller