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+++MSG INCOMING>>Charge HE>>set target>>22n34uu34<<confirm<<proceed++EOM+++
We know the target is down there, behind the tree line. Still we can’t see anything. Even the coordinates transmitted by the forward observers are inaccurate. Come on, 22n34uu34 … how does that do? How big is that thing?

+++MSG+Air Recon D3+Scout Transport>>ENGAGING<<EOM+++

„Do you still think the coordinates our FO gave us was crap?“
„But you said it was crap.“
„Hey, shut up. There’s no way you ain’t gonna unload these wagons.“

Dear my love,
tonight, in my dream, I was not in the city. I was outside, where the constant booming of artillery was throbbing beneath the earth. And there was a buzzing. The air was filled with noise. And the smell seemed to absorb the light. Everything around me was blurred. The rotting leaves seemed to lean towards me.
When I woke up it was like someone was watching me. May the Emperor protect us all.

Julian - Visual Storyteller