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HighTechOger shares an uncommon perspective in miniatures photography and is the home of the 381st.

Miniatures Photography – an Uncommon Perspective

There’s so many miniature painters out there. It’s mind blowing what they can do. And there’s so many terrain builders out there. It’s mind blowing what they can do, too. And there’s thousands of photos out there of miniatures and terrain. Well, it’s more likely millions or even more. The internet is a gallery of showcasing. You’ll find all stages of progress and all levels of quality. It’s amazing what people do.

I like to discover the wonders of the small worlds and I’m addicted to the 28mm scale. Therefore it’s kind of obvious that I like to share an uncommon perspective to that world. And I like to share my thinking process and techniques to achieve that with you.

Battlefield Evolution tabletop
Battlefield Evolution, 2007

Home of the 381st

The 381st Division is a fictional military division placed in the Warhammer 40k universe. And this site is their HQ. While posting on Instagram the idea of this division slowly evolved and I align new posts with their slow progress in a military campaign on a distant hive world.

381st division
381st Division

Welcome to HighTechOger

Read on if you are interested in an uncommon perspective in miniatures photography. Thank you for your visit.

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